Building a Better World, Together.
It’s Not Just A Catchphrase, It’s A Belief

Made In America resonates overseas, and this is especially true with heavy-duty equipment. The Holcombe volumetric concrete mixer has a tough-as-nails reputation internationally and is often preferred over any other concrete mixer. We’re your global source. We have partners and dealers throughout the world, meaning, we train them on how to better serve and support local customers. We’re also continually expanding this network. Our customers appreciate that very often Brent Holcombe, himself, shows up on site abroad to oversee unit assembly, give instruction on operation and make sure each customer is thoroughly satisfied. After all, we’re a family business and the concrete industry is a brotherhood.

Find Holcombe volumetric mobile concrete mixers on the job in China, the island of Cyprus, Canada, Spain, the United Kingdom, Jamaica, Jordan, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, and many other countries.

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