Volumetric Concrete Mixers & Portable Silos

Maximize Efficiency. Minimize Costs. Say Goodbye to Expensive Delays and Logistical Hurdles.

Holcombe Mixers G2 Volumetric Concrete Mixer Back View
G2 Volumetric Concrete Mixer

Smartest mobile mixer? Our G2! Transform your volumetric mixer operations beyond compare.

Holcombe Mixers G2 Dual Bin Volumetric Concrete Mixer
G2 with Dual Cement Bin

Who doesn't love options? Extend your G2 volumetric concrete mixer with a dual cement bin.

Holcombe Mixers HM10HT Volumetric Concrete Mixer
HM10HT Trailer-Mounted COncrete Mixer Truck

Strike the right balance between load and capacity with the 10HT.

Holcombe Mixers HM10HL Volumetric Concrete Mixer
HM10HL Concrete Mixer

Extended and equipped for high volume production capacity.

200 BBL Barrel
Portable Cement Silo

Compact, versatile, and easy to transport. Select from a gas or electric engine.

Holcombe Mixers Low Profile Portable Silo for Cement Storage 350 - 1,200 BBL
350-1,200 BBL Tilt Up
Low-Profile Portable Cement Silos

Expand jobsite storage capabilities with portable auxiliary silos.

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Intellicrete™ Mixer Control System

Streamline operations, synchronize admixtures and additives with concrete production, and don’t miss a step with our pre-pour checklist.

InsightFlow™ Cement Feed

Our volumetric concrete mixers have the widest bottom cement bins in the industry. Paired with our InsightFlow™ Cement Feed that intelligently adjusts cement speed to provide accurate material flow with optimal aggregate gate positioning, no concrete mixer truck is more reliable than a Holcombe Mixer.

WaterSmart™ Moisture Control

G2 Load sensing and pressure compensating, you can instantly control slump and hold it from one pour to the next with dynamic calibration flow control with an electronic proportional water valve. Our advanced system features dual variable displacement piston pumps, a solid-state manifold and hydraulic synchronization to lock-in accuracy for mixtures.

Patented Modular Cassette Conveyor

Our volumetric concrete mixers are the only ones in the industry with a removable conveyor system that allows for belt changes in under four hours. Stay on schedule and save horsepower and fuel with our frictionless conveyor roller floor and no-lubrication pintle conveyor chain that provides more than 20,000-yards of service.

PLC Display & Ticket Printer

Simplifying operations for efficiency and safety are our priority. Operators can expect ease from learning to setup to operating and maintaining. Store mix designs, get real-time pour data, and print batch tickets when needed. Wireless remote controls are available on all our models.

Financing & Leasing options available

Whether your expanding your fleet, upgrading, or investing in new technology, we can help empower your business growth. Please contact us to discuss financing and leasing opportunities for your volumetric concrete mixer. 

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