Intuitive Meets Intelligent

A mixer control system that delivers unparalleled precision. A moisture control system with water pressure and flow control. A speed responsive aggregate gate system.  Automated mixer operations with a touch of a button. Belt changes in under four hours. A quality of concrete you’ve never seen before.  All with a mixer made to move your business forward.

Introducing the G2

Anticipates Every Need. Before You Need It.

Our G2 Intellicrete Technology takes smart to the next level. Intellicrete simplifies volumetric mixer operations. It ensures admixtures and additives are consistently in sync with the concrete production rate. The concrete quality is unlike anything you’ve ever seen before.

The First Of Its Kind

With an electronic proportional water valve smart enough to instantly change slump and hold it from one pour to the next, the G2 WaterSmart Moisture Control is the first and only system to control slump with both water pressure and flow control.

It’s Insightful, Too

The G2’s InsightFlow Cement Feed intelligently adjusts cement speed to provide accurate material flow with optimal aggregate gate positioning for added mix precision. And it comes equipped with a pre-pour checklist to verify mix accuracy and promote crew and equipment safety.

You Got It

Our patented modular cassette conveyor system with engineered roller chain enables belt changes in under four hours. Complete more jobs, more efficiently, and move your trucks to the next job, faster. Exponential growth for your business? In reach with the G2.

All The Tech Behind Every Mix

7” color touchscreen for mix design programming

Joystick auger and chute controls

CAN access and control buttons for PTO, RPM, and all mix functions

WaterSmart rotary knob to automate water control

OSHA approved catwalk for cement hopper access

Synchronous admixture and additive dispensation

Level Up With G2.

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