Holcombe CVI Joins Prestigious Volumetric Mixer Manufacturer Bureau

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Family Owned Mobile Concrete Mixer Manufacturer Moves Into The Global Market


Ault, CO [July 19, 2019] — Holcombe CVI, manufacturer of volumetric mobile concrete mixers, has recently been approved for membership in the Volumetric Mixer Manufacturer Bureau (VMMB).

The VMMB is an organization comprised of five other volumetric concrete manufacturers in the US and Canada, which includes extremely rigorous product quality standards for membership. With only six manufacturers in all of North America belonging to the VMMB, Holcombe CVI is the only member company located in Colorado, Texas, and the Western United States.

In 2006, Brent and Cathy Holcombe purchased Quick Mix, Inc., the precursor to Holcombe CVI. Brent and Cathy quickly set out to improve the original volumetric concrete mixer’s design and functionality. Many years and ongoing advancements later, Holcombe CVI now boasts several models of volumetric concrete mixers, a design patent, and exciting product innovations scheduled for release in 2020.

In addition to being used around the world, Holcombe CVI mobile concrete mixers are operated by American companies hard at work in various industries including, oil fields, building and reinforcing existing interstates, roads, and highways, working with local cities and counties to build and reinforce infrastructure, and being used anywhere concrete is needed.

Mobile volumetric concrete mixers make up a small part of overall concrete production, but change is happening. Truck and trailer-mounted mobile concrete mixers have the ability to make the precise amount of concrete needed, leaving no leftover or wasted concrete. This eliminates a substantial amount of excess concrete that requires disposal, which costs additional resources, time and money. This is why mobile concrete mixers are often known as producers of environmentally friendly or “green” concrete.

You can utilize Holcombe’s free ROI Calculator to get started on your next project.

Holcombe CVI is a joint venture between Holcombe Mixers in Ault, CO, and Cactus Varied Industries (CVI) in Amarillo, TX. Together, they provide high-quality products, including volumetric concrete mixers, with a focus on continuous innovation, parts and service, financing, and customer success. Holcombe mixers are competitively priced and deliver more standard features than anyone else, and customers around the world can buy or lease a mixer with on-site consultation, as needed.

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