Holcombe Mixers Joins $1.3 Billion Border Wall Project in Yuma, AZ

Holcombe Mixers at the Border Wall Project, Yuma, AZ

The new alliance between Holcombe Mixers, Fisher Sand and Gravel Co. and Caterpillar Inc. is the latest strategic collaboration to accelerate completion of the border wall.

Ault, CO — Holcombe Mixers, a worldwide provider of volumetric concrete mixers and strategic solutions for the concrete industry, teamed up with Fisher Sand and Gravel and Cat® Construction to fast-track the major border wall construction project along Arizona’s southern border. Holcombe Mixers was chosen as a partner by Fisher due to its combination of operational experience, advanced technology and their volumetric concrete mixers’ extensive payload capacity.

“Working with Holcombe Mixers has been a game changer,” said Tommy Fisher, President and CEO of Fisher Sand and Gravel. “We made a commitment to President Trump, the Department of Homeland Security, and the US Army Corps of Engineers to get the wall up faster, and do it financially smarter. Generally, you’re pouring 2-5 loads per day. With Holcombe Mixers, we can pour 20-25 loads of fresh concrete each day and not have to worry about it exceeding required temperatures.”

Pouring high volumes of concrete in remote areas with hot and arid climates like Arizona’s creates extreme challenges to mitigate the concrete from setting up too quickly when mixed in a traditional drum mixer. Volumetric mixers from Holcombe are able to mix fresh concrete on site at the point of the pour. The low- and high ad-mixture systems add an additional layer of flexibility to ensure that the concrete being produced can be placed and finished in any extreme condition.

“An element of control is key for a project that demands not only durability, but also the volume of fresh concrete that needs to be poured 16 hours a day,” said Brent Holcombe, Managing Partner of Holcombe Mixers. “Our 12-yard aggregate bins have supported a 120% increase to the standard payload where daily concrete pour goals can be achieved and ultimately surpassed. We are thrilled to be part of this visionary team effort.”

Pouring and placing concrete is as much an art form as excavation. The collaboration with Cat® construction made sense. When machines break ground, they channel precision, efficiency and operational productivity. Together, Holcombe Mixers and Cat® harnessed the energy of innovation, pushed the bar higher, and set the standard that others strive to imitate.

About Holcombe Mixers’ HM12H Volumetric Concrete Mixer
Holcombe Mixers’ HM12H heavy duty volumetric concrete mixer is supported by the concrete industry’s only patented removable cassette conveyor that allows for belt changes in as little as five hours. Projects can stay on schedule with minimal downtime while saving horsepower and fuel with a frictionless conveyor roller floor and no-lubrication pintle conveyor chain that provides thousands of yards of service. With a load sensing variable displacement hydraulic system, system temperatures are reduced and the life of components are extended.

Official press release originally published to Cision PRWeb by Holcombe Mixers on July 6, 2020.

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