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Reduce Your Carbon Footprint Stepping Into A Mobile Mixer Truck

Rear view of Mobile Mixer Truck

In the world of construction, the winds of change are blowing. The demand for sustainability is no longer a whisper but a roar that’s driving the industry forward. At Holcombe Mixers, we’re not just hearing that roar—we’re adding our voice to it. Our solution? The volumetric mixer truck. This isn’t just a piece of equipment—it’s a game-changer, a revolution on wheels. Let’s dive in.

Mobile Mixer Truck: Driving Down Carbon Emissions

A volumetric mixer truck is more than a mobile concrete batching plant. It’s a precision instrument that carries the raw materials for concrete separately and mixes them on-site to the exact specifications required. This precision is more than just convenient—it’s a key to reducing waste and, as a result, carbon emissions.

But that’s not all. With on-site mixing, volumetric mixer trucks cut down on trips back and forth to the batching plant. Fewer trips mean less fuel consumption and fewer CO2 emissions. It’s a win-win.

Low-Carbon Concrete: Paving the Way to a Greener Future

Low-carbon concrete is more than a buzzword—it’s a new direction for the construction industry. This type of concrete is designed to emit fewer greenhouse gases during production. And guess what? Volumetric mixer trucks are perfectly equipped to produce this eco-friendly alternative.

By using supplementary cementitious materials (SCMs) like fly ash, slag, or limestone dust in place of some of the cement, we can reduce the overall carbon footprint of the concrete. The precision mixing capabilities of volumetric mixer trucks ensure these alternative materials are used efficiently, making every batch of concrete a step towards a greener future.

Meeting the Standards: EPA Compliance

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has set the bar high with its framework for sustainable construction. But here at Holcombe, we don’t just meet standards—we exceed them. Mobile mixer trucks help construction companies adhere to EPA regulations.

For instance, the EPA encourages efficient use of materials to reduce environmental impact. With their precision and flexibility, volumetric mixer trucks are a perfect match for this guideline. They ensure materials are used efficiently, with minimal waste. That’s not just good for business—it’s good for humanity.


The construction industry is on the move towards more sustainable practices, and Holcombe Mixers is proud to be leading the charge. With our volumetric mixer trucks, we’re not just reducing carbon emissions and enabling the production of low-carbon concrete—we’re helping shape the future of construction. So why not join us? Step into a mobile mixer truck and reduce your carbon footprint today.

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