Achieve Jaw-Dropping Results with Mobile Mixers for Continuous Pours

Mobile Mixers provide jaw dropping results with continuous pours

If you have a passion for concrete, you’re in for a treat with continuous pour methods. But what exactly does this mean, and how does it differ from traditional concrete pouring? Discover everything you need to know about continuous pour concrete: its definition, process, and why a mobile mixer truck can revolutionize your construction projects.

Understanding Continuous Pour Concrete Projects

A continuous pour concrete project utilizes powerful volumetric mixers to pour vast quantities of concrete without interruption. The mobile mixer seamlessly feeds the concrete into pumps, enabling the swift creation of large slabs.

There are two primary methods for setting up a continuous pour concrete project. The first involves ready mix batch plants, while the second leverages the efficiency of on-site concrete mixing with volumetric mixers, minimizing delays and waste.

Essential Equipment for a Successful Continuous Pour Project

To embark on a continuous pour project, you’ll need the following equipment:

  • On-site materials (including space for rock, sand, cement, water, and liquid admixtures)
  • Water supply (from a truck or a high-volume source like a hydrant)
  • A reliable mobile mixer
  • A wheel loader
  • A concrete pump

Unleashing the Advantages of Mobile Mixer Trucks for Continuous Pours

Continuous pour concrete offers significant advantages over precast concrete, particularly when complemented by the efficiency of mobile mixer trucks. Explore the benefits below:

  • Enhanced control: Simultaneously manage pours in multiple sections, reducing labor demands by optimizing manpower and equipment usage. By relying on volumetric mixers that operate efficiently with bulk materials, you save both time and money.
  • On-demand flexibility: Generate fresh concrete as needed, granting you greater flexibility in placing the concrete. Enjoy extended workability times and minimize the number of trucks required on-site.
  • Eliminating dependencies: Say goodbye to relying on third-party concrete suppliers. With on-demand pouring capabilities on-site, you can accommodate any last-minute changes seamlessly.

Exploring the Limits of Continuous Pours and Maximizing Efficiency

To understand the limitations of continuous pour concrete, it’s crucial to consider factors such as the capacity of your mobile mixer and the type of project being executed (curbs, gutters, sidewalks, roadways, foundations, walls, etc.). Additionally, weather conditions can affect the maximum amount of concrete that can be poured in one continuous stretch.

Witnessing Continuous Pours with Mobile Mixers in Action

Experience unparalleled efficiency with the Holcombe G2 Volumetric Mixer, known for its exceptional performance in the industry. This impressive mobile mixer can pour up to 100 yards per hour. Just take a look at Treasure Coast Concrete’s project in Miami, Florida—a water treatment plant with a remarkable 700-yard pour accomplished in only 9 hours. They averaged an incredible 91 yards per hour for the final four and a half hours, without needing any breaks throughout the entire project. By choosing the right equipment, you can outperform others and accomplish more in less time.


When planning your next concrete pour, embrace the power of volumetric mobile mixer trucks from Holcombe Mixers for your continuous pours. This approach not only saves valuable time, money, and resources but also ensures superior quality results that will leave you and your clients in awe.

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